Committee of the Whole & Additional Legislative Meeting

Good afternoon,

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the DC Council convened its first Committee of the Whole and additional Legislative meeting upon their return from summer recess. The Council considered a number of emergency measures, ceremonial resolutions, and contracts in addition to first and final readings of legislation under Council review,

Introductions from the Dias

The next four months are particularly important for the Council because they’re the final ones of this two-year council period which concludes at noon on January 2, 2019. Any introduced legislative items that are not approved by the last day of the council period, essentially die due to lack of action, and must be re-introduced in the new Council Period.

In addition to their already robust legislative schedule, Councilmembers began the fall legislative session introducing several new measures. The Mayor also introduced several measures that are also listed belove. These measures, like all the others will be subject to public hearings and two Council votes prior the end of the Council period. Otherwise, they will have to be reintroduced in the next council period.

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