Maximize Your Opportunities in Washington DC

American Management Corporation offers management consulting services, strategic advisory services, government relations and community engagement services to a select group of major enterprises and institutions operating in metropolitan Washington.

20+ Years of Connections

AMC cultivates a wide network of relationships in business, political, legal, philanthropic, and civic communities. We actively participate in federal, regional and local politics, with extensive volunteer fundraising in all of these arenas.


We do everything we can to make DC a home for your business.

Since 2001, we've been serving our clients with the knowledge and experience peculiar to DC that makes us the most trusted advisors in our areas of expertise. 

We know how government works; who makes it work; and how to make it work successfully on behalf of our clients. When AMC represents a client, their objectives become our own. Our team functions as an extension of your professional staff and we are committed to working with you as a trusted advisor.

Driving Success for Your Business

We understand that there are three distinct sectors of government in Washington that often do not interact; the internationalnational, and local sectors. We understand the political climate and the issues that drive the process.

And, we understand and competently wield the skills, languages, and relationships to help our clients save time and money while maximizing opportunities.

We advise and assist our clients in navigating and engaging four key areas:

  • City Council’s Legislative and Council Member Priorities

    City Council’s Legislative and Council Member Priorities

    A systematic and bipartisan approach that has proven to be effective in achieving success on behalf of our clients, with regard to policy, legislation and appropriations.

  • Community and Stakeholder Priorities​

    Community and Stakeholder Priorities​

    We facilitate community involvement efforts on behalf of our clients via advisory, coalition building and identifying key supporters. Working diligently to build relationships with key stakeholders over the past two decades, we have proven adept at understanding local needs.

  • District of Columbia Executive and Agency Priorities

    District of Columbia Executive and Agency Priorities

    Regular monitoring and reporting on all relevant agency performance, budget and other relevant public hearings, committees and news ensure maximum opportunities for our clients. We tailor this information for each client and provide information in real time, proving extremely valuable for clients during fiscal year planning and budgeting.

  • Corporate Philanthropy

    Corporate Philanthropy

    AMC advises its clients on its corporate philanthropy strategy by identifying relevant non-profits, community organizations and / or events ensuring that any financial contribution is relevant and impactful.

American Management Corporation

Current and Recent Large Scale Projects

As the Joint Venture Partner, Project Director and Acting General Manager of the Union Station Parking Facility in Washington, DC, Brett was directly responsible for the operation and management of the parking facility, taxi dispatching and logistics. The staff consisted of over 80+ full time persons (management and office personnel, ticket window personnel, taxi dispatchers and maintenance technicians).

Reports that Monitor the Evolving Landscape

AMC actively monitors and reports on evolving legislative, regulatory and policy making activities, news stories and announcements and political developments from the DC Council, the Mayor’s Office, and District government agencies – tailoring this information so that it is relevant to our client’s concerns.



Our clients retain us long term because they trust our experience and insight and value our dedication.


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Legislators and their aides, agency directors and executive branch staffers need your issues presented in a clear, compelling way. We have the knowledge, expertise and networks to guide your business through local challenges that will save you time and money while maximizing opportunity. Let AMC help shape your strategy and tell your story.   

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